On demand, personal storage is what we do!

We keep your seasonal and infrequently used items out of your living space. Then whenever you need them just click on our free app and they'll be there. Great examples are decorations, summer and winter clothes, sporting goods, tools, documents and keepsakes.

Here are some examples of what others have done with more living space. What would you do?

It's easy and you can get started for only $1!

Check out this short video to see how it takes only minutes. Try it out for only $1 for each container, bike, set of golf clubs, pair of skis or snowboard on your first order (limit 10 items). If you live in Seattle or the Eastside, all you need to do is to install our free app! If you want us to come to your city next click here.

About $25/month is what it costs!

We make storage affordable using special containers, our own vans and warehouses, and patent pending technology. Storage is $4/month per container, pickup and delivery is $15 plus $2/container. The typical customer has five containers so that works out to about $25/month including storage, pickup and delivery.

Container Container storage
$4/month (each)
Golf Clubs Golf clubs, skis, snow board storage $4/month (each)
Bike Bike storage $6/month (each)
Smartphone App Free
Truck Pickup or Delivery $15 plus $2 for each container, bike, set of golf clubs, pair of skis and snowboard
Container Container Purchase $19 (each) reduces storage to $2/month
Padlock Optional Insurance $0.60/month per $100 value
24x7 Monitoring, Climate Controlled, Bonded Staff, Restricted Access

How it works is as easy as 1-2-3!

Our containers hold a lot (40 pounds) and we will also keep your bikes, golf clubs, skis and snowboards. We come to your home, with next day pickup or delivery typical. Everything is done using our free app, including taking photos of your items so they are easy to retrieve.

1. We Deliver, 2. You Fill and Scan, 3. We Pick-up and Store.

Your space is for living.