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Seattle valet storage, by the box or item with pickup and delivery

Do you need more living space but find traditional self-storage is inconvenient and that even their smallest unit is bigger and more expensive than you need? Try Storrage instead! We come right to your door including evenings and weekends, usually the next day. Our high quality, plastic boxes are perfect for your valued possessions – whether you need one or 100. We safely store them and bulky items like your bike, board or luggage in our secure warehouse until you need them again then deliver them back to your door. Now you can easily and inexpensively store the items you don't have room for or don't use very often without ever leaving your home!

Get started with our free app!

That's all you need to do if you live in Seattle or the Eastside. We're so confident you'll love our service that your first order is only $1/box! That includes delivery of an empty box, picking it up full and storage for the first month. You can also do bulky items, like a bike or skis, for $1 which includes pickup, storage for the first month and delivery back to you. Not quite ready? Join our email newsletter.

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You only pay for what you use!

Storrage is affordable with clear pricing and no surprises. There are no commitments, no minimums and your information is totally private. A fairly typical customer has five boxes and a bike which costs them about $25/month including storage, pickup and delivery. Need your skis or kayak for the weekend? It’s only $20 round trip!

One Dollar Icon First Order $1 for each box or bulky item including one pickup, one delivery and the first month of storage.
Container Icon Box Storage $4/month for each box (20"x24"x12" or 17 gallons) or purchase one for $19 and it's $2/month.
Golf Clubs Icon Bulky Item Storage $4/month for each piece of luggage, set of golf clubs, microwave, skis or snowboard; $6/month for each bike or mini-fridge; $11/month for each kayak or paddleboard (max 14')
Storrage Van Icon Pickup or Delivery $9 plus $1/item
24x7 Monitoring, Climate Controlled, Bonded Staff, Restricted Access

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

We deliver empty boxes to your home. Each has a unique ID Code for flawless tracking. They hold up to 40 pounds and are perfect for items like decorations, clothes and shoes, documents, keepsakes, tools, household extras, camping and sports gear. You fill your boxes taking pictures and describing the contents to make them easy to identify. When you're ready, schedule pickup and we safely store them until you want them back. We also keep your bulky items like your luggage, bikes, golf clubs, skis, snowboards - even kayaks up to 14 feet. It's all done on our free app with service usually the next day including weekends.

1. We Deliver Empty Boxes 2. You Fill Them Adding Photos 3. We Pickup and Safely Store Them

Get started with our free app!

That's all you need to do if you live in Seattle or the Eastside. No contract, no commitment and your first order is just $1/item!

  • Download Storrage on the App Store.
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Your space is for living.


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